Privacy Policy

How Our Service Works
Refer2buy. ("we" "us" "our" or "Company") is dedicated to respecting the privacy of its visitors, customers, and users ("Users") of Refer2buy, as well as other Company brands, products and services (the "Services"). When you visit and interact with the Services you may provide information about yourself or your opinions, and it is wise and prudent to be aware of the personal information that you are sharing. We understand this and we have established this Privacy Policy ("Policy) to explain how we collect information from you and how this information is used. We have created side summaries to help you easily locate specific terms within this policy. These summaries are for reference only and in the event that there is a discrepancy between this Privacy Policy and the language of the side summaries, the Privacy Policy will prevail.

Who is Eligible to Use the Services
To use the Services, you must be 21 years of age or older. If you are under age 18, you may only use the Services with the involvement of a parent or legal guardian. By registering on the Services, you represent and warrant that you are not required to register as a sex offender with any local, state or federal government entity. No User may participate where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulation.

Children and Safety
The Services are a general audience website for Users who are 21 years of age or older. The safety and privacy of children is extremely important to the Company and we use the safeguards described below to protect children.

Our registration process is designed to restrict children under age 18 from becoming Users of the Services without the involvement of a parent or legal guardian, through use of an age gate mechanism on the registration page. If we receive information suggesting that a User of one of our Sites is under age 21, we require the User to provide evidence, the nature of which is determined by the Company, confirming that the User is at least 18 years old, and we reserve the right to suspend the User's account while we review the evidence and verify the User's age. If the User fails to provide such evidence within 48 hours, we may terminate the User's account and delete all personal information displaying on the Services.

For more information about protecting your privacy, please visit the Federal Trade Commission's web site. In addition to the previously mentioned safeguards for the detection and removal of Members under the age of 18, we have a process for parents to contact the Company directly so that we can take the proper steps required to be in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Parents: If your child is under the age of 21 and has joined the Services using a false age, please notify us at, and we will terminate your child's account and delete all personal information displaying on the Services. If you would like to know more about our site, stored information about your child, or how to terminate your child's account, please send your request by mail to Member Services, Refer2buy, submit your request here, or email We will happily respond to all communications from parents with privacy questions or concerns.

Information We Collect and How We Use That Information

Registration Information
When you register to become a User, you will be asked to provide us with some personal information, which may include, without limitation, your first and last name, gender, email address, a home or other physical address, (or country and city), profile picture, date of birth and other contact information ("Personal Information"). You may also be required to select a password for accessing your account. To complete the registration process, we send you a validation message. Once you receive the validation message, you must follow the instructions so that we can authenticate your identity and registration. If you register using our mobile application you will have the option to use our "nearby" feature, which will allow you to search for your GPS location and will fill in your country and city on the registration form.

The Company's Use of Your Information
The Company uses certain of your personal information to enable you to interact, or to enhance your experience, with the Services and their features. The Company allows Users to provide information to a personal profile that is accessible to other Users. We publicly display some of your personal information, such as your picture and name, in your User profile. To make searching and finding other users on the Services easier we may allow Users to search for other Users using a first and last name or an email address. If you opt into sharing your location through your mobile device, we may display your location within your profile. We may update your location to the city and state associated with the location of your mobile device upon each login. In addition we may display your distance from other users within our Browse feature.

All registered Users will be able to view any personal information that you disclose in your public profile, including, without limitation, your photos and videos, which may include personal information (including responses to survey questions). For your privacy and safety, please do not post direct contact information in your profile, such as your email addresses, URLs, instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, or mailing addresses. Posting of such information to Profile pages shall be considered a violation of our Terms of Service. We also caution you not to share sensitive information (such as full names, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and driver's license numbers) with other Users whom you do not know well, or place such information in your profile. Be aware that when you publish content or information on the Services you are allowing everyone, including non-Users and people off the Services, to access that information and to associate it with you.

We use your profile information for the purposes of providing our services to you, such as to analyze demographics, to better personalize our various offerings for you and other Users, and to enable other Users to find your profile. We also use your email address to communicate with you about the Services and its features.

Information That You Share When You Use Our Sites
When you use our Services, we store certain information that you may actively or passively share or disclose, including your User ID, name, location, email address, photos, videos, friend connections, incoming and outgoing messages, incoming and outgoing comments and login information. When you visit particular pages within a Site, you may be allowed to customize features on those pages and we may keep track of your customized preferences. We also use various technologies to remember you and create a more personalized experience for you on the Services, as detailed in the Clickstream Data, Cookies and Other Technology section below. We also track your use of the Services, including the pages that you visit once you sign in, how much time is spent on each page, features that you click on and other behavior.

Device Information, Cookies and Other Technology
We receive different types of data from or about the computers, phones or other devices where you install or access our Services. We may associate the information we collect from your different devices, which helps us provide consistent Services across your devices. Here are some examples of the device information we may collect:

" Attributes such as the operating system, hardware version, device settings, file and software names and types, battery and signal strength, and device identifiers. " Device locations, including specific geographic locations, such as through GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi signals. Connection information such as the name of your mobile operator or ISP, browser type, language and time zone, mobile phone number and IP address.

A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent by our Services or its advertisers to your Internet browser and stored on your computer's hard drive, and that delivers information about you and your activity on the Services. Pixel tags are tiny graphic files that can function in various ways (such as allowing us to track how you view an email that we send you) and are commonly used in conjunction with cookies. Local storage is similar to a cookie but is instead located on your browser and can store more information.

Like many other services, we use the information we receive and technologies such as cookies, pixel tags and local storage to allow enhanced features, enable customizable content, and provide you with the best possible user experience. We may also share your information and information collected from cookies, pixel tags and local storage with our vendors and partners for the purposes of enhancing your user experience.

You can configure your Internet browser, to accept all cookies, reject all cookies or notify you before accepting a cookie. Many Internet browsers also allow you to disable local storage or delete information contained in local storage. Each Internet browser is different, so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. For information on disabling or deleting information contained in local storage, please click here. If you choose not to accept cookies and/or to disable or delete local storage, be aware that you may not be able to access and enjoy all the features of the Services.

Some of the Company's advertisers may also use cookies for various reasons, including to monitor the effectiveness of their advertising. We do not have access to or control over how our advertisers use cookies. If you would like more information about advertisers' use of cookies, and about your option to limit such use, please click here. To opt-out of certain targeted advertising, visit Once you click the link, you may choose to opt-out of such advertising from all participating advertising companies or only advertising provided by specific advertising companies. If you opt-out of this type of advertising, you may still see advertising on the Internet and advertising from us, but those ads may not be tailored to your Site usage and may be less relevant to you.

From time to time we may extend to you information and offers from our partner companies, including news and additional details on products and services. Your usage history may result in offer screens or products specifically tailored to you. We may also produce reports for advertisers that aggregate, in an anonymous manner, information about your and other Site users' activity on the Services. For example, we may report to advertisers the number of Users who clicked on an ad, or the number of Users that visited different portions of the Services. This information will not include your personal information, or specify your individual online usage patterns.

Location Information
We collect your location when you register for our Site and each time that you log in on a mobile device, if you grant us permission to do so. In your profile and privacy settings, you can control whether other users see your log in location, identified as a city or state or as a distance from another user. We may still use your location (such as for advertising purposes) even if you choose not to display it to other users.

Information That We Receive From Others